EnGeRom Student Conference 2015

What Do We Read and Why Do We Read?

The Opening Act    9:15-10:00
Jesper Kruse (15-20 minutes)
Andrew Miller (15-20 minutes)

Writing and Re-writing    10:15-11:00
Nevena Lozeva – An Apology for Fanfiction: A Return to Classicism’s Originality (15 minutes)
Benedicte Jespersen – The Evolution of the Vampire Figure (10 minutes)
Emilie Larsen –  What Do We Write and Why Do We Write? (15 minutes)

From the Classics to the Experimental    11:15-12:00
Ivan Topalov – What and Why Do We Read? – The Meme Perspective (15 minutes)
Maria Rathje – Pride and Prejudice, Then and Now (10 minutes)
Jonas Uri – Speech Perception in Relation to Vietnamese English (?)

Lunch Break    12:00-13:15

Style and Genre    13:15-13:45
Aske Sparsø – In Spite of Voice: Observing The Cantos (15 minutes)
Sarah Hopkins – Dystopian Literature (10 minutes)

Mono Myths and Multi Myths in Comics    13:55-14:45
Damhán McLauglin – Marvel Superheroes: How to Read a Universe (15 minutes)
Martin Calatayud – The Epic Tradition of Batman (15-20 minutes)

Conclusion    14:45-15:00

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