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Mads Bjelke Damgaard

Mads Bjelke Damgaard

Ph.d. stipendiat

Through a framework building upon narrative theory, mediatization research and the sociological repertoire approach of Boltanski and Thevenot, I research the frontiers of contemporary media and the effects of mediatization on political systems and discourses of justice, corruption and transparency.

In my Ph.D.-project, I trace the consequences of corrupt transgression in Brazilian executive and legislative branches of government through the media stories emerging in the public sphere. Rather than dialogic, I take the public sphere to be structured by narratives, and ask what impact different emplotments and storied moralities have upon the political maneuverings in Brazilian politics.

Project title: Corruption Narratives in the Brazilian Mediasphere

Supervisor (University of Copenhagen): Georg Wink


ID: 20175484