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Astrid Rasch

Astrid Rasch

Videnskabelig assistent

Project title: Autobiography After Empire: Individual and Collective Memory in Dialogue
Project start: 1. september 2013
Supervisor: Professor Stuart Ward
2nd Supervisor: Associate Professor Ulla Rahbek

My PhD project examines how people who have lived through the end of the British Empire renegotiate their individual memory in the light of the changes in collective narratives. I do so by studying life writings by such people as sources where accounts of the past are both deliberately manipulated by the individual and unconsciously influenced by the social context.

I study autobiographies from the English-speaking Caribbean, Australia and Zimbabwe in order to examine whether there are common patterns in the way individuals are affected by collective narrative changes and what patterns are context-specific or related to e.g. particular groups of society.

My central interest is the relationship between cultural production and historical change. As such, my work is placed at the intersection of literature and history, memory studies and identity studies, postcolonial and imperial studies.

I have an MA in English from the University of Copenhagen, and I have held visiting student fellowships at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia and Oxford Centre for Life-Writing, Wolfson College, Oxford. After my MA, I worked as an external lecturer at University of Copenhagen teaching ‘Contemporary Australia’ and as a research assistant with the Embers of Empire-project. Since the completion of my thesis, I have taught courses on life writing after empire, the British metropolitan ramifications of decolonisation and on the history of the English-speaking world.

ID: 38513078