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Centres and projects

Centres at Engerom

  • Centre for Latin American Studies 

    The purpose of the Centre is to create an environment for research, teaching, and debate on Latin America at the University of Copenhagen.

  • Centre for Transnational American Studies

    The Centre is built around expertise in American studies, American history and society and American literature and culture.

  • The Translation Centre

    Services include translation, copywriting, editing and revision in most languages. All translators are university graduates and work only into their native language

Research projects

  • Embers of Empire

    EoE is a project comprising the disciplines of English, History and Linguistics embarking on a major collaborative study of post-imperial violence and the idea of ‘Britain’.

  • Cultures of Topology

    Cultures of Topology sets out to give a new answer to the question of what French national literature is by focusing on six cultural phenomena.

Postdoc projects

  • Damkjær, Maria

    Page fillers and hidden advertising in nineteenth-century British periodicals and literature

  • Lewandowski, Wojciech

    Construction Grammar meets Typology: From Theory to Teaching

  • Ortner, Jessica Maren Buchtik

    Transcultural Memory as Battlefield of European Identity – The Making of Europe in Contemporary German-language Migrant literature.

Interdisciplinary centres