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Language areas

As the original home of the main languages studied, Europe is naturally the main focus of research at the Department of English, Germanic and Romance Languages.

Engerom has a strong academic and research background in the many national languages and cultures of Western and Southern Europe. The Department considers the changes that characterised the individual countries and Europe as a whole in the 20th century to be an important focus area for its research.

However, the languages studied in the department have, over time, spread to many other parts of the world. Researchers are therefore also deeply involved in research related to countries, continents and cultural areas outside of Europe, e.g. the USA, Latin America (including Brazil) and Australia. Some of the research centres based in the department reflect this broader approach.

  • English

    covers studies within language, literature and history in the english speaking countries, as well as the role og status of English in Denmark.

  • French

    works with language and culture in a broad sense with topics such as language variation, the spoken language, visual culture and senses.

  • German

  • Italian

    deals with language, history and literature in the broadest sense and not least with the connection between these three topics.

  • Portuguese

    and Brazilian studies draw on concepts, theories and methods from both humanistic and social disciplines.

  • Spanish

    works broadly with topics such as history, culture, language, literature and filosophy in the large Spanish speaking areas of the world.