Multiple Narrators and Age

In a public lecture as part of the Creative Writing course at ENGEROM, novelist Sarah Moss, will discuss her latest novel "Summerwater".


"Summerwater" takes place over a rainy day in August, as several people holiday in cabins by a Scottish Loch. In it, we meet a patchwork of narrators, and several long passages surrounding long and deep views on the surrounding natural world. This lecture considers how this multiple-protagonist framework creates opportunities for worldbuilding and for unfolding different perspectives on the same narrative events. Moss further reflects on the relationship between 'nature' and writing, and whether belonging might be separated from ownership.


Professor Sarah Moss is the author of six novels, "Ghost Wall" (Granta, 2018), "The Tidal Zone" (Granta, 2016), "Signs for Lost Children" (Granta, 2015), "Bodies of Light" (Granta, 2014), "Night Waking" (Granta, 2011) and "Cold Earth" (Granta, 2009). She wrote a memoir of a year in Iceland, "Names for the Sea", published by Granta in 2012 and also shortlisted for the RSL Ondaatje Prize. She joined the staff of UCD's School of English, Drama and Film in May 2020.