About the department


The Department of English, Germanic and Romance Studies at the University of Copenhagen is a knowledge- and culture-bearing institution that contributes to promoting growth, welfare and development in society through research, research-based education, dialogue and dissemination of knowledge relating to the major European languages (English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and German), as well as the societies and cultures in which these languages are spoken.

The Department’s distinctive feature is its foundation in foreign languages. Our research is carried out within the field of the foreign languages. These languages are our point of departure, our research object and a means of investigation, because culture is understood and experienced through language. The Department’s activities are aimed at both the public and private sectors. The activities contribute to Denmark’s continued participation in international dialogue and promote international understanding and trade through knowledge, cultural insight and linguistic expertise.


The Department of English, Germanic and Romance Studies wants to be recognised as an institution with an interesting range of study programmes, relevant research results and visible knowledge exchange, contributing to promoting society’s growth, public debate and responsible