About the department

Head of department Jørn Boisen

Head of department Jørn Boisen

Insight into human communication and culture

Studying modern languages provides students with practical language skills, as well as a comprehensive introduction to European, American, African and Australian culture, literature and thought. Our students achieve written and spoken fluency in their chosen language(s) and have the opportunity of selecting from a wide range of subject areas, including linguistics, translation, literature, history, visual culture and international marketing communication.

The University of Copenhagen has been conducting research into and teaching modern languages for more than two centuries. The Department of English, Germanic and Romance Studies is the biggest foreign language department in Denmark, with more than 1,500 students and an intake of over 400 per year.

Whether you choose Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Spanish or English, the academic focus in the department is always on language. We work with the languages, in the languages and on the basis of the languages. This applies equally to our research and our teaching, and no matter whether we specialise in linguistics, literature, culture, society or history.

Learning another language equips us with new tools for interpreting the world and discerning meaning, tools that facilitate a greater understanding, not only of other cultures but also of our own. On a more personal level, mastery of multiple languages enhances our ability to express ourselves and, ultimately, to understand ourselves.

Studying languages is challenging because there are no shortcuts. It is also deeply rewarding as it offers profound insight into the sheer complexity of human communication and culture, making it possible to see the world from more than one angle, an ability that is, as we know, crucial to arriving at the appropriate perspective.