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PhD at Engerom

PhD dissertations

See list of PhD dissertations from Engerom 2013 - 2018. Many of the dissertations are available for download.

The PhD programme

Read about how to become a PhD student and see current scholarship advertisements, and much more on the PhD School home page.

PhD students

Amarante, SilviaPhD fellow +45 353-35931E-mail
Birk, Simon CecchinPhD fellow +45 353-25332E-mail
Djurhuus, TóraPhD fellow +45 353-35372E-mail
Kappa, KatherinePhD fellow +45 353-35794E-mail
Lohmann, Katrine WongePhD fellow +45 353-30169E-mail
Lyngvig, JyttePhD fellow +45 353-26489E-mail
Löbl, Stephanie KimPhD fellow +45 353-34972E-mail
Ning, MingPhD fellow +45 353-33909E-mail
Ravneberg, Nils SchultzPart-time lecturer  E-mail
Wittendorff, Thomas ØstergaardPhD fellow +45 27 32 46 71E-mail