Study board

The study board is in charge of making the rules and regulations of the academic courses. It organizes the schedules and assigns the teachers for each course. The study board also decides cases of exemption and transfer of credits. The board consists of five teachers, five students and two secretaries.

Head of studies

Kirsten Kragh 

E-mail address of the study board:
(to be used in cases of exemption, transfer of credits, etc)

Teacher representatives

  • Jørgen Staun (chairman)
  • Jan Gustafsson
  • Ulla Rahbek
  • Erling Strudsholm
  • Anna Sandberg

Student representatives

  • Mikkel Jørgensen (deputy chairman)
  • Mia Strauss Brandt

Secretary: Marianne Boch

The academic advisor also participates in the meetings.