PhD Meet&Greet

PhD event. All are welcome.


13:00 Martin Arndal Short introduction
13:10 Aisara Yessenova Writing strategies and practices of multilingual teenagers in Denmark
13:25 Yao Zhang Exploring Problem Sources of Disfluency in Second Language Production in Consecutive Interpreting
13:40 Shiyu Zhang The Lynching Ritual in William Faulkner's Light in August
13:55 Johanne Kirkeby ’Vi skal på floor I aften’
14:10 Break
14:30 Dea Jespersen Do lower secondary school students perform better when writing in English with or without internet access?
14:45 Amanda Grimsbo Roswall Essays, Feminisms, Activisms
15:10 Kristian Olesen Toft Derrida Translating ‘Geschlect’
15:35 Annika Milena Schimpff Language anxiety experienced by German and French heritage speakers in Denmark