Nordic Association for Romantic Studies Workshop 2023

The Nordic Association for Romantic Studies (NARS) will host a major meeting to revitalise the forum. NARS has previously been very active when it comes to organising conferences, publishing a peer-reviewed journal (see Romantik - Journal for the Study of Romanticism as well as V&R eLibrary), and promoting Romantic studies in the Nordic countries. We therefore cordially invite everyone in the Nordic countries working on Romanticism to participate in a workshop meeting where we can network, exchange ideas, and discuss plans for future Nordic collaboration.

See abstracts.

Thursday 14 September

12:00-13:00 Registration and lunch
13:00-13:10 Welcome

Session 1: Gender

Chair: Paula Henrikson

  • Mari Komnæs, Lund: “Bodies, Work or Working Bodies”

  • Anna Sandberg, Copenhagen: “Women Writers in Danish Romanticism and Golden Age Literature”

  • Hélène Ohlsson, Karlstad: “The Things that Surrounded Emilie Högqvist


Session 2: Perception & philosophy

Chair: Cian Duffy

  • Martin Arndal, Copenhagen: “’What if in certain cases Touch acted by itself’? Coleridge on Touch and experiencing nature”
  • John Öwre, Lund: “The Limits of Seeing: Sense Perception and Philosophy in the Works of William Wordsworth and S.T. Coleridge”
  • Cille Hvass Holm, Aarhus: “(Re)constructing the Romantic: Making Sense of the World with Poetic Science”
  • Mats Dahllöv, Stockholm: “Benjamin Höijer – The Philosopher of Swedish Romanticism?”
  • Sebastian Ørtoft Rasmussen: “Geological Sensibility at the Dawn of the Anthropocene
15:10-15:40 Coffee break

Meeting: Rebooting NARS


Session 3: Romantic topoi

Chair: Lis Møller

  • Markus Floris Christensen, Flensburg: “Night in Romanticism”
  • Roland Lysell, Stockholm: “Time, Dream and Thought in Shelley’s Drama Hellas
  • Franziska Bergman, Aarhus: “Alexander von Humboldt and Gothic Literature”

Session 4: Cultural memory

Chair: Robert Rix

  • Casper Virkkula, Uppsala: “Romantic Temporalities. The Use of Ancient and Medieval ‘Pasts’ in Swedish Romanticist Literature”
  • Jorunn Joiner, Lund: “Remembering the Ancient North in Britain’s Long Eighteenth Century”
  • Anders Mortensen, Lund: Viking Culture and Romanticism: CSS international conference in Lund, Autumn 2024 
19:00 Dinner

Friday 15 September

09:30-10:00 Coffee

Session 5: National and transnational

Chair: Paula Henrikson

  • Katarina Båth, Umeå: “Schiller’s Aesthetic Education Today”
  • Ellen Rees, Oslo: “Norwegian Romantic Nationalisms (NORN)”
  • Jules Kielmann: “Models of Romanticism – Romanticism as Model?”
  • Peter Henning, Umeå: “Key and Almqvist: Visions of Modernity”

Session 6: Visual art

Chair: Cian Duffy

  • Anna Schramm Vejlby, Fuglsang Kunstmuseum: “Closed circuit”
  • Tonje Haugland Sørensen, Bergen: “Norwegian wood – a reconsideration of Danish and Norwegian landscape paintings from 1780 to 1850”
  • Lilian Munk Rösing, Copenhagen: “Sublimity and Fragments in Caspar David Friedrich’s Da Eismeer (1823)”
11:55-12:15 Closing remarks: What’s next?
12:15-13:00 Lunch, Museum Tour