Leah Price on “Bibliotherapy and Human Flourishing”

Reading group with Virginia Langum, Professor of English Literature at Umeå University.

In this session, co-hosted with the Modes of Literature (MOL) research group, we will read together an essay by Leah Price entitled "Bibliotherapy and Human Flourishing" (2022). Virginia Langum, professor of English literature at Umeå University, will briefly introduce the text and explain why she chose this particular chapter for discussion. The aim is to open up a broader conversation about questions of reading and the relationship between the objects of literary criticism and its methods.

The event will be followed by a wine reception. Please register if you would like to stay for the reception (by email to Irina Hron), but you are also welcome to just show up on the day.


Virginia Langum is professor of English literature at Umeå University, Sweden. Her research concerns medicine, literature and culture, particularly the connections between the body and religious experience, as well as medicine and ethics, extending from the Middle Ages to our own period. She is currently working on illness experience and historical medical tourism in the 19th century.