Doing Things with Literary Theory

How do we practice literary criticism at the University of Copenhagen today? What does literary criticism enable us to do and say? Which methods and strands of theory are we working with, how do we use them, and why? 

Researchers from literary studies at UCPH present how they use literary criticism to do cultural or media history, comparison, or politics; how they work with materiality, or with discourse; and how they investigate and celebrate literature’s forms and traditions.

This an open event to celebrate UCPH scholars working with literature, literary theory, and literary history across all areas of the university and the world.  Everyone is invited to come and learn about the new and exciting work being done in this emerging field and participate in the conversation that unites us.


Time Activity
08:30 Setting up
Panel 1
Chair: Stefanie Heine
  • Joanna Beaufoy: Assembling Light and Emotion: A Distance-Reading Approach to Artificial Lighting and Emotions in French Nineteenth-century Literature
  • Emilie Dybdal: Renegotiated: Danish Literature as a Stage for Imagining Danish-Greenlandic Relations
  • Christa Holm Vogelius: Science Studies and the City
  • Tobias Skiveren: Postcritique and the Problem of the Lay Reader
10:30-11:00 Coffee break
Panel 2
Chair: Maria Damkjær
  • Martin Arndal: Literary Touch
  • Christian Benne: I Don’t Do Doing. A Case for Literary Philosophy
  • Agus Djaja Soewarta: Theological Materialism: Walter Benjamin’s Theory of Language
  • Bo Ærenlund Sørensen: Margins of Perception in Contemporary Chinese Literature
12:30-13:30 Lunch break
Panel 3
Chair: Irina Hron
  • Jeppe Barnwell: Reading Ethically between the Documentary and the Fictional
  • Sophie Wennerscheid: Applied Literary Food Studies
  • Kirsten Thisted: Between Missionary and Monster: Mourning the Loss of Danish Supremacy over Greenland
15:00-15:30 Coffee break
Panel 4
Chair: Tina Lupton
  • Alexander Knopf: Time and Not-Being: A Reading of Günther Anders’s “Letters from the Dead”
  • Niels Nykrog: Early Modern Tragedy Between Calvary and Parnassus
  • Kirsten Ogilby: Very Agreeable Correspondents: Mapping Antiquarian Research Networks in the Eighteenth Century
17:30 Dinner at Scarpetta (please let Stefanie know if you are joining us – DKK 300 per person)