Natascha Drachmann

Natascha Drachmann

Guest Researcher

Natascha Drachmann is affiliated with the Department of English, Germanic and Romance Studies, University of Copenhagen as guest researcher.

She holds a PhD within the field of language didactics and language pedagogy with a special focus on language subjects in primary and lower secondary education based on her PhD thesis entitled: Language Awareness in the Context of Plurilingual Education - A Curriculum and Multiple-Case Study across Language Subjects and Grades in the Danish Primary and Lower Secondary School. The PhD project was granted by The National PhD Council for Educational Research Denmark and The Independent Research Fund Denmark in the period 2020-2023 and was an independent sub-project in the research and development project Plurilingual Education - Minority and Majority Students' Language Awareness across Educational Levels (PE-LAL,  

In addition to her academic position, Natascha develops teaching materials for language subjects in primary and lower secondary school in collaboration with the publishing house Alinea.

Previously, Natascha was part of the research and development project Learning Foreign Languages from An Early Age - A New Approach with Emphasis on Plurilingualism ( in which she was responsible for implementing plurilingual education in the developed teaching materials for English (grade 1) and French and German (grade 5). Also, she has experiences from the field of practice as she has worked as a language teacher at lower and upper secondary education teaching Danish and German. Also, she has taught the three-months preparatory cross-curricular course Almen Sprogforståelse ('General Language Awareness') in upper secondary as well as Danish as second language at the teacher education.

Fields of interest

  • Language didactics and pedagogy in L1, L2, and L3 of schooling
  • Plurilingual education
  • Language awareness
  • Grammar teaching
  • Collaboration between language subjects
  • Language subjects in primary and secondary education
  • Teacher education


  • Language didactics and pedagogy
  • Plurilingual education
  • Language awareness
  • Danish as Second Language

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