Slobodanka Dimova

Slobodanka Dimova

Associate Professor

Primary research areas

  • Oral language test development and validation
  • Characteristics of oral fluency
  • Language tests as policy tools
  • Effects of English medium instruction (EMI) on teaching and learning

Current research

  • Relationships between language policy and language testing
  • Validation of the Test of Oral English Proficiency for Academic Staff (TOEPAS)
  • Effects of English-medium instruction (EMI) on teaching and learning in higher education
  • Use of standardized language proficiency test scores for college admission


Foreign and second language acqusition and language pedagogy. Courses in: 

  • language testing and assessment
  • socio-pragmatic and cognitive aspects of oral language production
  • quantitatvie and qualitative research methods
  • Danish as a second language acquisition 


I welcome Master's and Ph.D. students with interests in the following research areas:

Foreign and second language acquisition and pedagogy; language testing and assessment: standardized and classroom-based; World Englishes; English as a lingua franca; oral language production: cognitive and socio-pragmatic perspectives; quantitative and qualitative research methods; curriculum development and teaching methodology; language policies at the international university; academic language description and use; communicative and authentic task design and analysis; development and evaluation of teaching materials; classroom interaction: scaffolding, teacher talk, student interaction; learning and communication strategies 

Areas of interest

  • Development of holistic and analytic rating scales
  • Rater training and development
  • Oral production fluency in relation to proficiency levels
  • Use of a multy-facet Rasch measurement to create and evaluate speaking measurement instruments 

ID: 40091268