Aisara Yessenova

Aisara Yessenova

PhD fellow

I am a PhD Fellow in the PhD in Educational Research programme funded by the Danish PhD Council for Educational Research (grant number 1207191001). My PhD programme is created in collaboration between the University of Copenhagen and the University College Copenhagen that form the Consortium for Language and Didactics. My supervisors are Dr. Dorte Lønsmann and Dr. Lone Krogsgaard Svarstad.

I explore writing practices of multilingual adolescents in a Danish public lower secondary school in relation to their writing on social media and at school. My project title is “Language Learning Strategies of Multilingual Students in Denmark”. I employ linguistic ethnography, visual ethnography, and digital methods in my research. 

At the Department of English, Germanic and Romance Studies I am affiliated with the following research groups:

  • Language in the Danish Educational System
  • Norm, Variation, Language Change.

I have extensive experience teaching and researching second language acquisition across the lifespan, including formal and non-formal contexts. My previous research projects explored English and Second Language acquisition among adult migrants in Glasgow and teacher education for pre-service teachers of STEM subjects in English.

In Autumn 2023, I will:

  • teach a bachelor-level course on Foreign Language Acquisition in Autumn 2023 at Engerom
  • present my findings at several seminars and lecturers for master's students
  • co-teach two modules related to language didactics at University College Copenhagen.

I will present the initial findings of my PhD project at the Edilic conference hosted by Engerom in June 2023.

Apart from my full-time research activities, I continue learning Danish and volunteer at the University of Copenhagen Association of PhD students (UCAPS), where I organise social and professional events for PhD students.

ID: 288453984