Mnemonic Migration

Transnational Circulation and Reception of Wartime Memories in post-Yugoslav Migrant Literature

Situated in the theoretical framework of memory studies, this project investigated the transmission of memories across geographical, mental and mnemonic borderlines. More specifically we explored how memories of Yugoslavia and the Yugoslav Wars are transmitted and shared in Scandinavia, the UK, Germany and Bosnia and Herzegovina through the medium of migrant literature.

Photo by Dick Elbers
Photo by Dick Elbers

The project investigated to what extent literary writings may enable readers to get a deeply felt understanding of (traumatic) events that have taken place in a distant area and thus to develop solidarity with experiences of others. To this end, this project developed a method for investigating the reception of historical memory in general and traumatic experiences in particular. Whereas the transnational circulation of memories is already a well-known process, the impact of such circulating memories on individuals and societies is not nearly so well explored. Furthermore, it is often overlook that memories not only travel from the place where the events happened but also are translated back to those places.  




































Project period: 1 September 2019 - 31 August 2022

PI: Associate professor Jessica Ortner


Mnemonic migration is a collaborative project, uniting experts in Balkan history, cultural memory, and migrant literature.

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