Engerom Environmental Humanities Group

Forum for research in green thinking and transition, ecocriticism, and sustainability within European, Ibero American, and American language and culture studies. We are working with questions of climate, environment and nature in literature, history, politics, philosophy and media.

Engerom Environmental Humanities Group is a newly established forum for exchange and discussion of research in environmental humanities and for the development of new research ideas within and across the language and culture studies at Department of English, German and Romance Studies, University of Copenhagen.

We share new knowledge through different formats such as paper presentations, reading groups, peer review of articles and project proposals, data sharing sessions, discussions with guests and visiting lectures. We wish to work as a laboratory for existing and new projects in the field of language-based culture studies with the aim of exploring green thinking and practice in society and culture, in contemporary as well as historical perspectives. The group investigates new ways in which language and culture studies can participate in more practice-oriented projects in relation to the climate agenda, nationally as well as internationally. The group aims to be a link between the Engerom, the faculty and other green research initiatives at UCPH as well as the world outside - public, stakeholders, and educational system.


  • Investigation of Ibero American and Originary cultures in relation to post- and pre-anthropocene imaginaries
  • Environmentalism and related social issues (i.e., racism, settler colonialism, extraction, pollution) in American literature, culture and histor
  • Discourses of climate, environment and sustainability in European literatures, media, politics and language





Name Title Phone E-mail
Bone, Martyn Richard Associate Professor +4535328596 E-mail
Borreda, Joana-Isabel Duyster Postdoc +4560900544 E-mail
Goddard, Joseph Associate Professor +4535328580 E-mail
Gustafsson, Jan Associate Professor +4535328449 E-mail
Kraft, Kamilla Assistant Professor   E-mail
Lausten, Pia Schwarz Associate Professor +4535328461 E-mail
Mortensen, Janus Professor +4535334020 E-mail
Møller, Lars Troels PhD Fellow +4535320592 E-mail
Sandberg, Anna Lena Associate Professor - Promotion Programme +4535328156 E-mail
Wink, Georg Walter Associate Professor +4535329115 E-mail


Spring term 2024