Annika Milena Schimpff

Annika Milena Schimpff

PhD fellow

In my project I am exploring social and emotional factors that impact the maintenance of heritage languages. Specifically, I am interested in exploring which factors contribute to language anxiety (LA) in an im/migrant context in Denmark and Australia. The main purpose of my study is to compare how language anxiety is experienced by German adolescent heritage speakers and investigates how LA is affected by different linguistic, sociolinguistic and socio-emotional factors.


Main supervisor: Petra Daryai-Hansen (EnGeRom, Copenhagen University)

Co-supervisor: Andrea Schalley (Language, Literature, and Intercultural Studies, Karlstad University)

Fields of interest

  • Language maintenance
  • Multilingual education
  • Multilingual practices (code-switching, translanguaging)
  • Psychology of language
  • Psycholinguistics (language processing)

ID: 318002342