Modes of Literature

Modes of Literature focuses on the rationalities, structures, functions, styles and modes of literature in order to explore how literature relates to and shapes phenomena such as context, space, time and subjectivity. We seek to disclose the cognitive potential and nature of literature from a comparative perspective that puts into practice all of the linguistic areas and traditions represented at our department.

The approach to these phenomena is both theoretical, empirical and methodological.

We meet approximately 3 times per semester to discuss collective or individual research projects relevant to the group. We will invite outside researchers if pertinent and, hopefully, we will be able to organize a workshop and / or symposium on a relevant literary topic in the summer of 2024 or early fall.

The group is also a lab for ideas where we can explore new interdisciplinary approaches to literature that inserts it into a broader historical and cultural context.

An important purpose of our work is to contribute to an inspiring and supporting work environment, and to increase cooperation between literary scholars within the department as well as with literary scholars throughout the Faculty of Humanities at KU.


Name Title Phone E-mail
Andersen, Katrine Helene Associate Professor   E-mail
Benne, Christian Professor +4535330085 E-mail
Bone, Martyn Richard Associate Professor +4535328596 E-mail
Gustafsson, Jan Associate Professor +4535328449 E-mail
Hartling, Simon Teaching Associate Professor +4535330026 E-mail
Hoffmann, Birthe Associate Professor +4535328176 E-mail
Hron, Irina Associate Professor +4535325961 E-mail
Jensen, Julio Associate Professor +4535328455 E-mail
Knopf, Alexander Assistant Professor +4535332577 E-mail
Lausten, Pia Schwarz Associate Professor +4535328461 E-mail
Lock, Charles Professor +4535328622 E-mail
Meiner, Carsten Professor +4535328633 E-mail
Roswall, Amanda Grimsbo PhD Fellow +4535325818 E-mail
Sandberg, Anna Lena Associate Professor - Promotion Programme +4535328156 E-mail
Siegumfeldt, Inge Birgitte Associate Professor +4523251644 E-mail
Østermark-Johansen, Lene Professor +4535328583 E-mail