Translation and cultural transfer

The translation research group and its members represent a range of disciplines within translation studies, and the main foci of the group are translation products, translation processes and genres of translation, as well as the role, status, and consequences of translation within society.

In today’s globalized world, intercultural communication – oral as well as written – is, more than ever, based on translation. Linked to this surge of translation and interpreting is the need for research in a range of related aspects. The translation research group aims at strengthening translation research at Engerom, at the HUM-Faculty and nationally.

The group meets six times per year, where group members give presentations and researchers from outside are invited to present their research. This forum gives members and guests the opportunity to draw inspiration from colleagues’ work on translation, become familiar with colleagues' methodological approach in their translation research, discuss key texts and explore opportunities for joint research applications.


The members of the group are interested in translation from very different perspectives, and focus areas are thus quite diverse:

  • The role of translation in the society
  • The status and visibility of translation in society
  • How are translations created
  • Why are some texts translated, while others are not
  • Dissemination and reception of translations
  • Quality in translation and in interpreting
  • Competences in translation and in interpreting
  • Digital tools in translation and interpreting
  • Digital methods and tools in translation and interpreting research




Name Title Phone E-mail
Dimova, Slobodanka Professor +4535328173 E-mail
Hvelplund, Kristian Tangsgaard Associate Professor +4535328177 E-mail
Jansen, Hanne Associate Professor +4535328439 E-mail
Pedersen, Johan Associate Professor +4535328428 E-mail
Roswall, Amanda Grimsbo PhD Fellow +4535325818 E-mail
Sandberg, Anna Lena Associate Professor - Promotion Programme +4535328156 E-mail
Verstraete-Hansen, Lisbeth Head of Department +4535330089 E-mail
Zhang, Yao PhD Fellow +4535322235 E-mail