Reading Strategies in EMI: Teacher and students´ perspectives

Aktivitet: Tale eller præsentation - typerForedrag og mundtlige bidrag

Sophie J V Swerts Knudsen - Andet

Slobodanka Dimova - Oplægsholder

In 2013, the University of Copenhagen launched the Language Strategy: a 5-year research-supported project aimed at developing and sustaining the implementation of innovative solutions to ensure the best framework for the improvement of students’ language skills across the university in different subject areas and learning environments than language studies.

In December 2014, to strengthen their MA students’ oral and written academic English, the Department of Large Animal Science at the University of Copenhagen applied for a three-year project within the Language Strategy. The project, called ‘Written and Oral Academic English Support ’, was implemented in the course Animal Production Science and through various workshops, aims to support and strengthen the students’ English academic writing as well as their oral English skills, and, consequently, to create students who are able to perform well in an international market.

Through a strong cooperation with the content teachers in both the development and co-teaching of the different workshops in all three phases of the project, the role of the content teachers in terms of the language support has been gradually increased with the aim for them to partially or entirely take over when the project finishes.

In this presentation, I will elaborate on the tailored approach of the course organization, development and content, on the strong and indispensable cooperation with the content teachers, and on the feedback from both teachers and students. Finally, I will also raise the question whether the content teachers are prepared and willing to partially or entirely take over the teaching of the various workshops when the project finishes in 2017.
okt. 2017

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TitelICLHE 2017
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AfholdelsesstedUniversity of Copenhagen
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