Tina Jane Lupton

Tina Jane Lupton


I teach the theory of the book, very broadly defined, and work on the history of reading from the eighteenth century to the present. My recent research has been into the history of reading as an activity that is both materially defined by the codex format, and politically tied up with the history of work and leisure. Reading and the Making of Time (JHU, 2018) explores these themes in the context of a group of eighteenth-century readers, largely women, and mostly professionals, who make and struggle for time for books in their lives.

My next book, Love and the Novel, an account of my own life as a reader of fiction, is forthcoming with Profile Press in the UK.  I am now at work on Paid Leaves: Literature, Work, and Time since 1970, which explores the way different strands of twentieth-century theory have imagined the reorganization of the worker’s day and the time to be given to education. I am interested in particular in the work of Michel Serres, Jacques Rancière, Peter Weiss, Siegfried Kracauer, Hannah Arendt, and Raymond Williams and in recent fictions that engage with the relationship between work, reading, and temporal experience.

I have held Leverhulme Fellowship and Humboldt Fellowship fellowships and am now the PI on a Carlsberg Foundation Project, The Experience of Reading During Covid-19 Lockdowns. I also write on contemporary issues and media use for publications on both sides of the Atlantic, including the Los Angeles Review of Books, Public Books, n+1 and the TLS, and I speak regularly in both European and North American contexts on contemporary and eighteenth-century themes.

Invited talks

“Labouring Poet or Poet Labourer?”  Dusseldorf University, Jan 2020. 

“Reading For Happiness,” Regensburg University, June 2019.

“Pride and Prejudice:  The Love in and of a Novel” Keynote presentation at the Nordic Association of English Studies, May 2019.

“Media and Time in the Eighteenth-Century Novel.” Seminar with Stuart Sherman. Eighteenth-Century Studies Seminar, Harvard University, October 2018.

“Reading and the Making of Time,” Rutgers University English Seminar, September 2018.

“Jane Austen on the Page,” Uppsala University, September 2018.

 “Queer Times for the Straight Book”

  • Novel Worlds: Theory + Computation Seminar, McGill University, October 2018
  • Keynote at “Parenthetic Modernity” Conference, Linköping University, April 2018

 “The Materiality of the Future:  Godwin and the Time of the Book”

  • Queen Mary Research Seminar, November 2017
  • Yale Program in the History of the Book, April 2018

 “Medium Free Time”

  • Eighteenth-Century Seminar, Columbia University, NY, April 2018
  • Becoming Media Seminar, UCLA, October 2017

 “Re-Reading for Happiness”

  • Department of English, University of Kent, Jan 2017
  • Cambridge Project for the Book Trust, October 2018

 “When Do We Read?”

  • University of Sao Paulo, Brazil Department of English, April 2016
  • Interacting with Print Group, University of Oxford, Reading Beyond Reading, July 2016
  • Keynote at the Comparative Literature Seminar on ‘Temporalities’, Sandberg Estate, April 2019.

 “Reading and The Materiality of the Future”

  • Indiana University, Bloomington Eighteenth-Century Studies Workshop, May 2016
  • Interacting with Print Group, Concordia University, April 2016
  • Edinburgh University, Department of English, October 2015
  • Bodleian Library, Oxford, October 2015     

 “From the Where to the When of Print Reading” 

  • English Institute, Harvard, Sep 2014
  • University of Copenhagen, Sep 2014
  • Cambridge Eighteenth-Century Group, October 2014       
  • Birkbeck Eighteenth-Century Group, February 2014

“Paper Ontologies:  Reading Sterne with Bruno Latour,”

  • Sterne and Philosophy Workshop, University of Sussex, November 2013.

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