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Kimberly Renée Chopin

Kimberly Renée Chopin

Ekstern lektor

Projekttitel: Language Policy and Language of Instruction at a Danish University

Projektstart: 1. september 2012
Vejleder: Slobodanka Dimova

Bivejleder: Francis Hult (Lund)

Universities in Denmark, like other universities in Europe and elsewhere, are becoming increasingly internationalized, and are increasingly using English as a language of research, teaching, and administration. At the same time, the Danish language is seen by some as being under threat, with Danish public discourse focusing on domain loss within Danish. One faculty at a Danish university has recently implemented policies which exemplify both of these trends, specifically mandating that graduate instruction be carried out only in English, and undergraduate instruction only in Danish. From interview and observation data from one department affected by this policy decision, specific narratives can be illuminated, painting pictures of possible future consequences of the decision. This research has implications for other institutions which are affected by similar language issues. It adds to existing work on English-medium instruction in higher education, and adds to discussions on domain loss and the language of education in universities.

ID: 32020091