How to find us


Click on the map to the right to view a map of the campus area.

By car

You can park at the guest parking lot on Ørestads Boulevard.

By bus

Bus number 12 (from Vesterport Station & the town hall square) and number 33 (from the town hall square).

By Metro

Take the metro to Islands Brygge Station. From the station you have a 5-minute walk to building 24.

How to read room numbers

The blue buildings on the map are the 'Old KUA' - staircases 1-19
The green buildings on the map are the 'New KUA' - buildings 21-27

17-1-32 means room 32 on the ground floor near staircase 17
23-0-49 means room 49 on the ground floor in building 23
(NOTE in the old buildings the ground floor is '1' but '0' in the new buildings)