‘Amabilidad’, ‘atención’, ‘profesionalidad’. Valores sociales atribuidos por el paciente a su médico de cabecera y características de imagen social en la consulta médica

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Questionnaires of social habits filled out by informants belonging to a cultural community provide relevant information about social values and ideologies in such a community. This work presents the results of a survey in a community of practice that is formed by patients of a health care center in a village in Galicia (Spain). The purpose is to confirm the social values that have previously been studied in natural corpora in Spanish, such as ‘confianza’ and respect, and -by means of open-ended questions – to achieve information about the doctor’s expected behavior, values and personal features. The results display that professional and social competences are valued by the informants as being equally important, and that communication skills are a key factor for achieving both competences. The importance of ‘confianza’ and respect is confirmed, with the addition of specific features that fit the particularities of this kind of service encounter. With respect to ‘confianza’, previously observed features, such as closeness and the possibility of talking openly, are mentioned by the informants, but the idea of trust in the doctor’s good practices is added. The social value of respect is connected to good communication and politeness, but a focus on the doctor’s human and personal traits - such as caring for the patient and helping her/him – is added. The results constitute a knowledge base of social ideologies in this cultural community. This information can be used for the establishment of research premises and for the support of interpretation of natural data in sociocultural pragmatics analysis.
Translated title of the contribution‘Kindness’, ‘attention’, ‘professionalism’. Attributed social values to family doctors by patients and characteristics of face in medical consults
Original languageSpanish
JournalDiscurso & Sociedad
Issue number2
Pages (from-to)309-334
Number of pages26
Publication statusPublished - 2020

ID: 217329788