13 September 2022

Conference workshops at Multicultural Schools 2022

The PE-LAL project is represented at the Danish national conference ‘Multicultural Schools’ with two workshops.

Workshop 1: ‘Plurilingual Education in and across Language Subjects in Primary and Lower Secondary School’ by Natascha Drachmann and Tine Jensen (language teacher at Nørre Fælled Skole).

The workshop will provide an insight into the work of Nørre Fælled Skole on intercultural pedagogy and plurilingual education carried out in the PE-LAL project. The school has tried out the newly developed teaching materials focusing on including several languages in language teaching by building bridges between the target language and other languages e.g., other language subjects in school, related languages, or the students’ first languages. At the workshop, Natascha Drachmann and Tine Jensen will present the teaching materials for grade 1, 5, and 7 and together with the participants explore how plurilingual education is reflected in the materials.

Workshop 2: ‘Plurilingual Education in Secondary School’ by Line Krogager Andersen.

Plurilingual education is for everyone, irrespective of age and linguistic background. In lower secondary, however, students have a different starting point and different linguistic needs compared to primary school. At this age, the teacher has to take the upcoming exams into account and to build bridges to higher secondary education. In this workshop, we will present plurilingual teaching materials developed for 9th grade and the higher secondary General Language Awareness course and talk about the development process behind the materials. Participants will have the opportunity to work with chosen materials and discuss potentials and challenges connected to plurilingual teaching in lower secondary, and this will include a view on how to establish connections to the higher secondary General Language Awareness course. We will also talk about our experiences with the practical use of the materials.

Read more about the conference here (in Danish)