Plurilingual Education – Minority and Majority Students’ Language Awareness across Educational Levels

In recent years, plurilingual education has been subject to growing interest within educational research. The so-called pluralistic approach is based on minority and majority students’ language resources and seeks to build bridges between languages (Danish, foreign languages, first languages, other languages) in order to enhance all learners’ communicative competence and language awareness (LA).

Despite the extensive use of the LA concept since 1984, a systematic empirical research on minority and majority learners' development of LA through plurilingual education across educational levels is still lacking in order to further theoretically develop the field of study. Based on curriculum analysis (macro level) and focused linguistic ethnography (nano level), the project investigates how minority and majority students develop LA in the context of plurilingual education in primary and lower secondary language education and in the course Almen Sprogforståelse in upper secondary education. 

The project starts in October 2020 and lasts three years.



















Natascha Drachmann, PhD Fellow (from October 2020)

Name Title Phone E-mail
Daryai-Hansen, Petra Associate professor +45 353-34482 E-mail
Holmen, Anne Director of centre, professor +45 353-28174 E-mail

Other researchers

Line Krogager Andersen, postdoc, SDU, Center for Grundskoleforskning

Line Møller Daugaard, associated researcher, VIA University College

Tom Steffensen, associated researcher, University College Absalon


Independent research fund

Funding: Independent Research Fund Denmark, DFF-Research Project 2
Period: 2020-2023
PI: Petra Daryai-Hansen