Natascha Drachmann

Natascha Drachmann

PhD fellow

Natascha Drachmann is PhD Fellow at the Department of English, Germanic and Romance Studies, University of Copenhagen, and at the University College Absalon. Her PhD project is a didactic case study that examines how minority and majority students in primary and secondary school develop language awareness when they go through a plurilingual education in the language subjects Danish, Danish as Second Language, English, French, and German.

Grant: The National PhD Council for Educational Research Denmark
Project period: October 2020 - September 2023
Supervisors: Petra Daryai-Hansen, UCPH, and Tom Steffensen, UCC.

The PhD project is an independent sub-project in the research and development project "Plurilingual Education - Minority and Majority Students' Language Awareness across Educational Levels":

Natascha Drachmann has a master's degree from the University of Copenhagen in 2017 with a major i German and a minor in Danish. Previously, she taught German in lower secondary and German, Danish, and the preparatory three-months cross-curricular course Almen Sprogforståelse ('General Language Understanding') in upper secondary. Furthermore, she has been a part of the development and research project "Tidligere Sprogstart - ny begynderdidaktik med fokus på flersprogethed", where she has participated in the development of exemplary teaching materials for German in the 5th grade and was responsible for implementing a plurilingual approach in the material:

ID: 182568082