Second Annual Conference of the Memory Studies Association

Second Annual Conference of the Memory Studies Association

We are happy to announce that ToRS and ENGEROM will be co-hosting the Second Annual Conference of the Memory Studies Association (MSA) which will take place in Copenhagen on December 14-16, 2017.

Hosting 77 research panels and roundtables, 8 turbo talk sessions and 69 poster presentations the conference addresses a number of crucial themes within memory studies. These include monuments, museums, politics and administration of memory, memory and activism, the digital turn, media, arts and literature, trauma, memory and psychology, migration, gender and memory, and sites and places of memory. The Memory Studies Association aims to provide the main annual networking opportunity for scholars and practitioners in the field.

Speakers include:

  • Marianne Hirsch
  • Jan Gross
  • Joshua Oppenheimer
  • Aleida Asssmann
  • Astrid Erll
  • Ann Rigney
  • Carol Gluck
  • Patrick Hutton
  • Paco Ferrandiz
  • … and many others
PRELIMINARY PROGRAMME is now ready - please extract all details from the Memory Studies Association website

Additional workshops on methodology, pedagogy, and careers in memory studies will be on offer. We will also kick-start a variety of different working groups, on topics such as "memories of migrations and diasporas," "(post)colonial memories", "memory and trauma" and more. Please consider getting involved in one of these groups!

All are welcome to attend. The conference will feature a mini-film festival, a book raffle, and many networking opportunities.


Most of the conference takes place at University of Copenhagen, South Campus:

  • Auditorium 23.0.50 (KUA1)
  • Auditorium 22.0.11 (KUA1)
  • Room 27.0.47 (KUA1)
  • Room 27.0.49 (KUA1)
  • Room 27.1.47 (KUA1)
  • Room 27.1.49 (KUA1)
  • Room 27.0.17 (KUA1)
  • Room 27.0.09 (KUA1)
  • Auditorium 4A-0-69 (KUA3)
  • Room 4A-0-68 (KUA3)
  • Room 4A-1-68 (KUA3)

Some plenary sessions will be held at Bella Center.

Please consult the conference programme for further details.

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN - register and get more information on the Memory Studies Association website

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