Exploring Migrant Emotions of Inclusion and Exclusion

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What does it feel like to experience inclusion and exclusion in a place, community, or group when we have migrated from one home to another, across regional, national, and international borders? How are practices of inclusion and exclusion made by migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers and by the institutions or individuals with whom they interact? How do experiences of belonging or not, expressed in frustration, recrimination, disappointment, nostalgia, homesickness, empathy, love, fear, sadness, joy, and disgust alter across time and culture? To begin answering these questions our Introduction to Migrant Emotions incorporates a wide-ranging review of relevant research to place the volume within a field of existing scholarship as well as to complement and advance the themes and methodological frameworks of existing scholarship. To advance this preliminary inquiry we also briefly review the essays in the collection. Our purpose here is to highlight connecting ideas within and between the chapters, and to underscore the innovative methodological approaches (especially the turn towards transnational, transcultural and comparative studies) that connect the volume as a whole. We argue that through its carefully selected series of narrative-based multidisciplinary analyses, Migrant Emotions not only illuminates the interconnection of its two key terms, but also reveals how migration undergirds, shapes, and transforms emotional meanings, in this case using the particular examples of inclusion and exclusion.
TitelMigrant Emotions : Inclusion and Exclusion in Transnational Spaces
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ForlagLiverpool University Press
Publikationsdato1 sep. 2024
StatusUdgivet - 1 sep. 2024
NavnMigrations and Identities

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