Helene Grøn

Helene Grøn


Helene Grøn works as a postdoc on the Where Love Happens Velux-Funded project. She teaches Creative Writing and Creative non-fiction as part of the MA-speciality in Writing in English, as well as core and elective courses in English literature and drama, ranging from Shakespeare adaptations, literature and history on human rights, to artistic and contemporary representations of asylum and migration. She holds a PhD from the University of Glasgow, for which she was awarded an AHRC-fellowship. 

Grøn is an interdisciplinary and collaborative researcher, combining research on topics of human rights, relationships of love and belonging, narratives of trauma and resilience and artistic interventions into forced migration. She specialises in literature and theatre around asylum and migration, and also on art-as-method and socially engaged arts practices of co-writing and creative writing. 


  • Contemporary representations of forced migration
  • Creative writing and creative nonfiction
  • Histories and literatures on affect and emotion
  • Histories and literatures on human rights
  • Arts-based research practices
  • Theatre and performance studies
  • Migratory theatre and literature
  • Migratory dramaturgies
  • Exile and diaspora studies
  • Narrative therapy and narrations of trauma and resilience

Aktuel forskning

My current research looks at the connection between love and law in the development of human rights, thereby exploring love as an affective as well as politically and historically coded instance. My project within the Where Love Happens research group thereby holds three lines of inquiry: to explore love as a condition for creating equality. Secondly, interrogating how a prism for ‘reading rights’ might be developed in holding declarations of love and rights together. Thirdly, to unfold spatiotemporal connections of rights-discourse between the works of 19th Century and today as new ways of enacting love and rights are emerging. 

Undervisnings- og vejledningsområder

  • Literature and drama around migration and asylum
  • Refugee studies
  • Performance and/or creative interventions into asylum/migration 
  • Creative writing
  • Creative nonfiction
  • Plays, theatre and dramaturgy
  • Practice-as-research

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