15 July 2022

Research integration in teaching

In spring semester 2022, students at the University of Copenhagen and University College Absalon have participated in teaching based on research work generated in the PE-LAL project.

At University of Copenhagen, all master students at the Department of English, Germanic and Romance Studies could participate in the master course ‘Language didactics in a (socio)linguistic perspective’, coordinated by Natascha Drachmann. Two central themes in the course were plurilingual education and language awareness. Find the schedule for the master course here (in Danish).

At University College Absalon, plurilingual education and language awareness have also been central themes in a compulsory module on Danish as a Second Language for all students in teacher training. Find the schedule for the module here (in Danish).

In both university and teacher education, students have worked with the operationalizations of (1) plurilingual education and (2) language awareness, developed in the PE-LAL project, and used them as theoretical framework for making analyses of teaching materials, curricula, and empirical classroom data generated in the PE-LAL project. Through analysis and discussion, students have contributed with important feedback on and insightful perspectives to the ongoing research work in the PE-LAL project.

Master students contribute with analyses on language awareness based on classroom data generated in the PE-LAL project

In addition to the course and module mentioned above, the PE-LAL research work is also integrated in two other master courses at the University of Copenhagen.