French language and culture

The research of French language and culture covers three main areas: language, foreign language acquisition, and literature and culture.

  • The linguistic research covers language variation, with a focus on language change, language-change mechanisms and sociolinguistics (variationist and social psychological). 
  • Within foreign language acquisition, the research is concerned with the principles of foreign language  acquisition as well as how students of foreign languages obtain intercultural competencies with the foreign language. 
  • On the cultural and literary side, subjects covered include contemporary and historical French and Francophone literature and culture in a broad sense. The research is particularly concerned with what literaty texts say about their own time and how they are received and used. 

Researchers and teachers

Boisen, JørnAssociate professor +45 353-28406E-mail
Hansen, Anita BeritAssociate professor +45 353-28450E-mail
Hartling, SimonPart-time lecturer +45 353-30026E-mail
Kragh, Kirsten A. JeppesenHead of studies +45 353-28591E-mail
Lindschouw, Jan JuhlAssociate professor +45 353-28432E-mail
Meiner, CarstenProfessor +45 353-28633E-mail
Verstraete-Hansen, LisbethAssociate professor +45 353-30089E-mail