Spanish language and culture

The research of Spanish language and culture is divided among three main areas and covers the Spanish speaking world (primarily Spain and Latin America).

  • Some researchers within history, culture and society focus on Spain in the 20th century, with particular emphasis on the Spanish Civil War, World War II, the political transition in the 1970's as well as current Spanish politics. Others focus on Latin American culture and society.
  • The research within Spanish speaking literature comprises the following primary research areas: Spanish literature from the Baroque Period and the 20th century and Latin American literature from the 20th century. 
  • The linguistic research puts an emphasises on grammar and variation, language usage in Spain and Latin America and foreign language acquisition and pedagogy. Several researchers are affiliated to the departmental research platform "Norm, variation, language change".

Researchers and teachers

Name Title Phone E-mail
Andersen, Katrine Helene Associate Professor   E-mail
Drengsted-Nielsen, Claus Part-time Lecturer +4535330031 E-mail
Gustafsson, Jan Associate Professor +4535328449 E-mail
Heiberg, Morten Rievers Professor +4535328618 E-mail
Hernández-Flores, Nieves Associate Professor +4535328441 E-mail
Jensen, Julio Associate Professor +4535328455 E-mail
Morollon Marti, Natalia Teaching Associate Professor +4522212578 E-mail
Pedersen, Johan Associate Professor +4535328428 E-mail