Italian language and culture

The research of Italian language and culture covers language and literature, history and society and translation studies.

Historically, the research of Italian language and culture has concentrated on literature and language. Today, the research also comprises subjects within Italian history and current events in Italian society. The literary research focuses on modern authors and current Italian crime fiction, and also, more recently, on migrant and postcolonial literature. The language research covers the many varieties of Italian in both contemporary and historical perspectives, the differences between written and spoken language as well as formal and informal usage. Translation studies is central to the research of Italian language and culture.

Researchers and teachers

Name Title Phone E-mail
Giese, Jacob Teaching Associate Professor +4535330029 E-mail
Graversen, Carina Part-time Lecturer +4535334095 E-mail
Jansen, Hanne Associate Professor +4535328439 E-mail
Lausten, Pia Schwarz Associate Professor +4535328461 E-mail
Nielsen, Stine Maria Teaching Associate Professor   E-mail
Persiani, Giuseppe Francesco R Part-time Lecturer +4535336980 E-mail
Strudsholm, Erling Associate Professor +4535328437 E-mail