English studies

The primary research areas of English studies are: 

  • The English language in all its variety;
  • The literatures and cultures of the English speaking world; 
  • The histories and societies of English speaking countries.

The linguistic research comprises theoretical and philosophical subjects as well as applied linguistics, e.g. foreign language pedagogy, translation studies and lexicography. The literary scholars study old and new English literature, American and postcolonial literature in a global context as well as literary theory. The relation between the English speaking world and Denmark is central to all researchers at English studies.

Researchers and teachers

Name Title Phone E-mail
Bone, Martyn Richard Associate professor +45 353-28596 E-mail
Digsmed-Wrem, Alessandra Modin Part-time lecturer +45 353-33719 E-mail
Duncan, Russell Professor +45 353-28577 E-mail
Goddard, Joseph Associate professor +45 353-28580 E-mail
Gottlieb, Henrik Associate professor +45 353-28621 E-mail
Haugaard, Søs Part-time lecturer +45 353-30090 E-mail
Hvelplund, Kristian Tangsgaard Associate professor +45 353-28177 E-mail
Jensen, Christian Associate professor +45 353-30019 E-mail
Jensen, Kim Ebensgaard Associate professor +45 353-33802 E-mail
Knudsen, Eva Rask Associate professor +45 353-28584 E-mail
Kruse, Jesper Part-time lecturer +45 353-30077 E-mail
Leese, Peter Associate professor +45 353-28414 E-mail
Lock, Charles Professor +45 353-28622 E-mail
Lupton, Tina Jane Head of department +45 93 50 94 15 E-mail
Pors, Siff Teaching lecturer +45 353-28626 E-mail
Rahbek, Ulla Associate professor +45 353-29280 E-mail
Rix, Robert William Associate professor +45 353-28170 E-mail
Siegumfeldt, Inge Birgitte Associate professor +45 23 25 16 44 E-mail
Østermark-Johansen, Lene Professor +45 353-28583 E-mail