Portuguese and Brazilian Studies

In Portuguese and Brazilian Studies at the University of Copenhagen, we bring together concepts, theories and methods from disciplines within Humanities and the Social Sciences.

A unifying theme, which encompasses most of the research projects, is the way realities of the Portuguese speaking world are constructed through discourse. This topic combines, in a decolonial 'southern' approach, theoretical perspectives from cultural studies, linguistics, sociology, history, political sciences and others.

Currently, the primary research areas of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies are:

  • Sociolinguistics (network project with the KU Research Centre for Control of Antibiotic Resistance UC-CARE and the University of São Paulo)
  • Interdisciplinary approach on "Social Inequality", combining Sociology, History, Political Science and Linguistics (research project in collaboration with the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro)
  • Media Studies, Political Science and Sociology of Law (Ph.D.-project; several research projects in collaboration with the State University of Rio de Janeiro)
  • Cultural and Literary Studies (in collaboration with the Research Group on Contemporary Brazilian Literature GELBC at the University of Brasília)
  • Film Studies on Lusophone Cinema (project in preparation)

Researchers and teachers

Name Title Phone E-mail
Wink, Georg Walter Associate Professor +4535329115 E-mail