Jørn Boisen

Jørn Boisen

Associate Professor

Born1962.  PhD, docteur d'université, head of department.


Docteur d'université.Université Michel de montaigne, Bordeaux III — 1995

Doctoral dissertation: À l'assaut de la réalité. Defense at the U.F.R de Lettres et Arts ved Université Bordeaux III, January 5, 1995. Awarded the highest evaluation: "très honorable avec les félicitations du jury". Supervison: Paule Beterous.

PhD. Center for French studies, Department of Literature, Culture and Media, Odense University — 1993

PhD dissertation:Un picaro métaphysique - Romain Gary et l'art du roman. Defense: December 1,1993. Supervisor: Morten Nøjgaard.

Diplôme d'études approfondies. Université Michel de montaigne, Bordeaux III— 1992

BA-studies in Spanish, Odense university — 1989-1990

Cand. Phil. French studies, Odense University, 1989.

HIgh School.Esbjerg Kommunale Gymnasium— 1979-82


Professional experience

Head of department, Department of English, German and Romance Studies, University of Copenhagen (2013- current).

Journalist, Weekendavisen (2009 - current).Contributions to the science communication section "Idéer".

Writer and counselor,Gyldendal (2002 - current).

Counseling the most prominent Danish publisher about contemporary French literature.

Literary editor in chief. Revue Romane (2002 - current).

Revue Romane publishes studies about Romance languages and literature as well as reviews of linguistic and literary works. The journal is peer reviewed and indexed in: European Reference Index for the Humanities, MLA, LLBA

Associate professor (current academic position). Department of English, German and Romance Studies — (2001 - current).

Review editor, Revue Romane (1999-2002).


Assistant professor. Department of Romance Studies, University of Copenhagen (1998-2001)

Writer and counselor.Hachette, Paris — (1995 -2008).

Writing about Denmark and Danish history, culture and politics in their series of guide books. Counseling about Danish Literature. Hachette is one of the most important editors in the world.

Danish lecturer. Université de Paris IV - la Sorbonne (1993-1998)

Free lance teacher, translator and counselor for Crédit Lyonnais (94-95), HEC (94), ECRICOME (96) L'École nationale d’administration, ENA, (1997-98).

 PhD student. Department of Romance studies, Odense University (1990-3).



Administrative responsabilities and experience (2000-current)

Project leader of the "Digital language teaching" project under the program "Den gode uddannelse" (2011).

Member of the European Studies coordination group. (2011-current).

Member of the board: the Knud Togeby foundation (2010-current).

Member of the board: the Danish Student Foundation in Paris, Det Danske Studenterhus (2009-current).

Member of the study board for the Department of English, German and Romance Studies (2007-current).

Member of the study board for the Peoples University in Copenhagen, Folkeuniversitetets programråd


Appointed member of the National Board of Censors for French Studies, Fransk Censorkorps


Coordinator for the French Studies, fagkoordinator (2007-10).

Deputy head of department, Department of English, German and Romance Studies (2004-7).

Chair of the coordination board for education, Uddannelsesudvalget på Engerom (2004-7).

Chair of the coordination board for innovation, Innovationsudvalget på Engerom (2004-7).

Chair of "Sprogfagenes kompetenceudvalg". (2003).

Appointed member of the National Board of Censors for Literary Studies, Censorkorps for

                litteraturvidenskab (2001-9).

Union representative for the scientific staff at the Department of Romance languages (2000-4).

Responsable for the international student exchange at the French Studies. (2000-3).



"La discipline à l'aube de la modernité", KUA, January, 19-21, 2007. In collaboration with Sarah di Bella (project leader), Université de Paris - X.

"The colonial", interdisciplinary conference series at Engerom, 2008-9 in collaboration with Charles Lock (project leader).

"Le genre et l'oeuvre singulière - séminaire avec Thomas Pavel", University of Copenhagen, February 9, 2009. In collaboration with Julio Casado Jensen.

"Méditerranée - écritures : Colloque international Albert Camus", University of Southern Denmark, February 12-13, 2010. In collaboration with Gérard Lehmann.



Research interests

Making of the European mind, French politics , contemporary French literature, comparative literature , history of the novel, the novel and philosophy, European and French cultural studies, history of mentalities, history of ideas, French history, French society and politics & Latin American literature,


Authors (important research topics, inspiration or both)

Hannah Arendt, Roland Barthes, Georges Bataille, Charles Baudelaire, Jean Baudrillard, Albert Camus, Julio Cortázar, Vivant Denon, Michel Foucault, Romain Gary, Gérard Genette, René Girard, Mircea Eliade, Michel Houellebecq, Victor Hugo, Milan Kundera, Cholderlos de Laclos, Claude Lévi-Strauss, André Malraux, Gabriel Marcel, Guy de Maupassant, Robert Merle, Friedrich Nietzsche, Thomas Pavel, Marcel Proust, Marquis de Sade, Jean-Paul Sartre, Richard Sennett, Tzvetan Todorov.


Networks and international cooperation.

Coordinator of "Societies of forgetting", international interdisciplinary research network (project proposal in progress, 2012-)

Member of "Alienation studies", international interdisciplinary research network. Project proposal in progress, coordinator: professor Mette M. Brun, The Faculty of Theology, University of Copenhagen (2012-)

Member of the research group, "The trauma network" (application in progress, responsables: professor Charles Lock, Jesper Kruse and Jessica Ortner (2012-)

Member of the editorial board of Perspectivas Críticas, Universidad Tecnológico, Monterrey, Mexico.

Responsable for a new Erasmus Mundus curriculum “Master d’Etudes de la France et de la Francophonie” and an Erasmus Mundus proposal in collaboration with the universities in Leipzig (resp. Alfonso de Toro) and Lyon II - Lumière (resp. Charles Bonn). The programme was approved by the Danish Ministry of Science, but received no funding by the EU (2005-6).

The research network "Amitiés Camusiennes" Poitiers (2005-2012).

The research network "Classicisme et Lumières", København (2004-2008).

The research network "Frontières", Strasbourg (2000-1).

AIEF - Association internationale des études francaises (2001-current).

MLA - Modern language association (2010-current).

FIPF-Fédération internationale des professeurs de français (2010-current).

Fransklærerforeningen - La fédération danoise des professeurs de français, (2010-current).

The research network "Les mille Gary", Paris & Toulouse (2000-current).

Responsable for an interdisciplinary project proposal, "Literature, history and identity" that united 17 young researchers from English, German and Romance studies. The project proposal received no funding from Dansk Grundforskningsfond - and neither did any other humanist projects (2000).


Awards and honors

Carlsbergs scholarstipendium — 1988

Gold medal from the University of Odense —1990

For the dissertation Le Thème du racisme dans l’œuvre de Romain Gary.

Le prix de l'association internationale des études françaises — 2002

The price for best foreign article in French studies. Ceremony at L'École Normale Supérieure presided by Antoine Compagnon

Chevalier de l'ordre des palmes académiques — 2007



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