Languages in the Danish Educational System (LDES)

This research group unites researchers studying the role of foreign and second languages in Danish educational contexts, from primary over secondary to tertiary education and including a focus on language programs (Danish, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish) as well as on the use of languages for teaching and learning in content areas. We share an interest in language acquisition, language instruction and methodology and in the conceptualization of relevant language repertoires in academia.

The members share an interest in language acquisition, language instruction and methodology and in the conceptualization of relevant language repertoires in academia. We combine a number of theoretical approaches from linguistics, Second Language Acquisition (SLA), language pedagogy, and language policy with research questions at the core of applied linguistics. Therefore, we are involved in developing language education at university level as well as in other sectors and in language teacher education. The group’s cross-fertilization between research and teaching and between theoretical and applied research was emphasized for its “intrinsic research strength and invaluable contribution to the university as a whole, and Danish society at large” in the ENGEROM research evaluation in 2018. 

Our vision is to continue gaining insight into language teaching and learning in Danish primary, secondary and tertiary education, through empirical studies, theory development, and national and international research cooperation. The focal points are language learning and use in different contexts, language planning and evaluation, and languages-in-education in general. This includes a focus on modernization of language programs, by transforming the interface between language, culture and intercultural competencies and including emerging cross-languages approaches through a focus on plurilingualism, translanguaging, and third language acquisition. Thus, it is our ambition to maintain the present position as a stronghold in the development of language education in Denmark through continued cooperation with schools, university colleges, and ministries.

































































Name Title Phone E-mail
Daryai-Hansen, Petra Associate professor +45 353-34482 E-mail
Dimova, Slobodanka Associate professor +45 353-28173 E-mail
Holmen, Anne Director of centre, professor +45 353-28174 E-mail
Jensen, Christian Associate professor +45 353-30019 E-mail
Kling, Joyce Associate professor +45 353-28169 E-mail
Lindschouw, Jan Juhl Associate professor +45 353-28432 E-mail
Löbl, Stephanie Kim PhD student +45 353-34972 E-mail
Morollon Marti, Natalia Part-time lecturer +45 353-30418 E-mail
Mortensen, Janus Associate professor +45 353-34020 E-mail
Strudsholm, Erling Associate professor +45 353-28437 E-mail
Unger, Martin Carlshollt PhD fellow   E-mail


Associate professor Jan Lindschouw
Phone: +45 35 32 84 32


IT i fremmedsprogsundervisningen

25-10-2019 13.00

Forskningsforum Sprog i det danske uddannelsessystem på Institut for Engelsk, Germansk og Romansk, Københavns Universitet inviterer til et arrangement om brug af IT i fremmedsprogsundervisningen.

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Tandem Milano-Copenaghen

21-11-2019 14.30

Susanne Krarup & Lorens Juul Madsen: Samarbejde mellem danskstuderende i Milano og italienskstuderende i København i forbindelse med undervisningen i skriftlig sprogfærdighed.

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