Languages and Cultures in Education (LaCiE)

This group unites researchers studying the role of languages and cultures in educational contexts across all levels, including a focus on second and foreign language education and assessment (Danish, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish), plurilingualism, interculturality, and the interplay between language and content learning.     

We share an interest in languages and cultures in educational contexts, language acquisition, language instruction and methodology, and in the conceptualization of relevant language repertoires in academia.

Drawing on a range of theoretical approaches from disciplines such as linguistics, Second Language Acquisition (SLA), language pedagogy, and language policy, we seek insight into language teaching and learning in education through empirical studies, theory development, and national and international research cooperation.

Projects within the research group focus on language learning and use in different educational contexts, including language planning and evaluation. This includes a focus on modernization of language programs through the transformation of the interface between language, culture, and intercultural competencies, including Content and Language Integrated Learning/EMI and emerging cross-languages approaches such as translanguaging and plurilingual education.

Our research and dissemination support our position as a stronghold in the development of languages in education, both in Denmark and abroad, through continued cooperation with schools, university colleges, and ministries.


  • The role of languages in teaching and learning at all educational levels
  • Transitions across educational stages (primary, secondary, tertiary)
  • The interaction between language, culture, and society in educational contexts
  • Plurilingual education, translanguaging, intercultural education
  • CLIL, EMI, and language for specific purposes/domains 
  • Literacy development, with focus on both reading and writing
  • Foreign-language acquisition, learning processes and the use of digital media and digitally mediated communication, including online text corpora in language learning and teaching
  • Language testing and assessment, including a focus on literacy
  • The role of language anxiety in language learning and maintenance
  • Teacher and student cognition 
  • The development of research-based teaching proficiency in Danish, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish
  • Follow-up research within the field of Language Support for German and French (‘Sprogløft’), recently funded by the Danish government

Following the announcement of a national government strategy for language education in Denmark, the research group contributes to the development and implementation of new forms of foreign language education from primary school through secondary school and into tertiary education, including training of language teachers. This entails cooperating with stakeholders in various (professional) organisations, institutions and ministries and making the research of the members available as a knowledge base for further development.

















Name Title Phone E-mail
Behnke, Lars Teaching Associate Professor   E-mail
Daryai-Hansen, Petra Associate Professor - Promotion Programme +4535334482 E-mail
Dimova, Slobodanka Professor +4535328173 E-mail
Flanagan, Marian Associate Professor   E-mail
Hartling, Simon Teaching Associate Professor +4535330026 E-mail
Holmen, Anne Professor Emeritus +4535328174 E-mail
Jensen, Christian Associate Professor +4535330019 E-mail
Jespersen, Dea PhD Fellow +4535326624 E-mail
Jäkel, Nils Associate Professor +4535334706 E-mail
Kirkeby, Johanne PhD Fellow +4535323917 E-mail
Larsen, Sanne Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535328448 E-mail
Lindschouw, Jan Juhl Associate Professor +4535328432 E-mail
Lund, Sonja Barfod Postdoc   E-mail
Morollon Marti, Natalia Teaching Associate Professor +4522212578 E-mail
Mortensen, Janus Professor +4535334020 E-mail
Olesen, Jonas Munck PhD Fellow +4535321192 E-mail
Schimpff, Annika Milena PhD Fellow +4535326458 E-mail
Skov, Marianne Haugaard PhD Fellow +4535325469 E-mail
Strudsholm, Erling Associate Professor +4535328437 E-mail
Søgaard, Karoline Emilie PhD Fellow   E-mail
Unger, Martin Carlshollt Part-time Lecturer   E-mail
Viala, Eric Louis Hippolyte Teaching Associate Professor +4535328898 E-mail
Yessenova, Aisara PhD Fellow +4535325762 E-mail
Zhang, Yao PhD Fellow +4535322235 E-mail